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Residency applications for working and entrepreneurial activities, company establishment, settling in services at the location and match-making with companies are carefully handled by our experts.

Once you start the journey, we are always there for you.

Destination Services

We take care of your moving operations and local registrations for your new life, before your arrival.

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Immigration and Business Solutions From Experienced Professionals

We`ve been counselling many individuals and professionals to find their path to Finland and enjoy the journey.

Our expertise includes;

  • Residency Permit Applications,
  • Relocation and Destination Services,
  • Company Establishment under Finnish Law,
  • Business Advisory - Tax, Accounting, HR, Audit and Legal.

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is Finland the best country
to live and work?

  • It is a welfare state with a variety of public and social services.
  • The society ranks among the best in terms of freedom and equality.
  • Work-life balance is easy to manage.
  • There is low hierarchy in work culture.
  • Wellbeing is provided by high quality healthcare and social security services.
  • Easy access to education institutions with affordable expenses.
  • Purchasing power is high and cost of living is relatively low.
5518000 +


404179 +


4400 +

Foreign Businesses

42936 +

GDP Per Capita

81.73 +

Life Expectancy

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