- Culture

Despite the cold climate, the Finns are very warm, talkative and hospitable. However, the myth of the withdrawn Finn is still alive. There is a traditional Finnish joke that is commonly known: “An introverted Finn looks at his shoes while talking to you, an extraverted Finn looks at your shoes.”

The most characteristic feature of the population is the love for nature. Finland is one of the happiest countries in the world and nature contributes to this happiness. Nature has also inspired Finnish artists for centuries.

Sauna is another unique part of the culture. Especially in winter times, sauna It is estimated that there are over 3 millions of saunas around the country including both common and private ones.

10 Facts about Finnish Culture

  • Finns naturally keep their distance as a way of showing politeness
  • In many occasions, people decide their own portion size, they serve themselves and they always aim to finish everything on their plate
  • Finns are extremely careful about allergens
  • They do not wear shoes in the house
  • In the kitchen, there is a specific cupboard above the sink to dry the dishes
  • Many homes separate the trash as biodegradable, mixed, plastic, metal, glass, cans & bottles for recycling purposes.
  • In the toilets, there is often a small showerhead next to the sink intended for intimate use.
  • Finns prefer to be naked in a sauna, even if it is a public one
  • Finns are very punctual
  • Everyman’s right concept allows everyone to roam freely in nature, eat and pick berries in the forest unless the landlord closes the access with fences.