Residency in Finland

When coming to Finland from Outside of EU to stay for more than 90 days, one must hold a residence permit. In Finland, `residence permit` concept has been accepted and it comes with several benefits such as, right to live and work in the country, right to apply for social benefits, heath care, retirement funds. On the other hand, `visa` is only issued for visits less than 90 days and it does not give additional rights.

If the plan is to work, one may need a residence permit even if the stay is shorter than 90 days.

It is possible to apply for Finnish citizenship after 5 years of continues residence or accumulated residence of seven years. Proof of Finnish or Swedish language proficiency is a must to gain the citizenship.

Application for a residence permit can be done on different grounds such as,

  • being employed by a Finnish employer,
  • starting a profitable business in Finland,
  • studying in Finland or
  • family unification.

The application for Finnish residence permit has to be submitted to authorized government offices. Metic Immigration Services is a private company that guides and supports the candidates trough the application process.

Our Residency Services includes;

  • planning the entire application process together with you and working on the application grounds,
  • working on your business idea, business plan and business model,
  • preparing and checking your application forms and documents,
  • finally helping with the submission of your documents.

You can contact us for further information about our services or start the process by filling out this Pre-Assessment form.

As general requirements for entry to Finland,
  • You should have a valid passport,
  • You have not been prescribed a prohibition of entry,
  • You are not a danger to public order, security, public health,
  • You are not a danger to Finland`s international relations.

How is Life in Finland?


The Finnish climate is colder than in many other countries. However, the temperature varies significantly in different seasons. Finland has a lot of nature, and it is possible to enjoy and explore nature in all seasons.


The culture is established on the concept of Sisu which represents powerful, ingenious, determined individual who is also capable of sustaining their courage and stamina to achieve the goals in life.


Finnish and Swedish are the official languages of the country. For daily life, English is usually enough since many Finns speak the language fluently.


The goal is for everyone to have an equal opportunity to receive high quality education regardless of the family’s income and to grow up to become active citizens.

Working in Finland

Finnish working environment and culture is very welcoming of international talents who wishes to contribute to the society. You can make your contribution as an entrepreneur or start-up entrepreneur, as well as an employed person.

As an Entrepreneur

if you have an individually-owned business

As a Start-up Entrepreneur

If you have an innovative business idea

As an Employed Person

If you have a contract with an employer

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