Did you know that Finland’s healthcare system is ranked among the best in the world?

The quality and equality of health care services in Finland were rated among the best in the world. Finland is one of the top seven countries.

Public health care is available to all permanent residents in Finland regardless of their financial situation. Primary health care services are provided by municipal health centers and specialized medical care is provided by the district hospitals. Private healthcare is also available for those who prefer it.

Public healthcare is not free in Finland, yet the charges are very reasonable. Fees for public healthcare have an upper limit per calendar year, beyond which clients are no longer required to pay. If the standard fees are too high for patients and their families, municipalities will determine the charges according to patients ‘ability to pay.

To be able to prove eligibility for social security benefits, KELA card must be obtained from the Social Insurance Institution. This card is also used when purchasing medicine at a reduced price.

Health services in Finland are offered in Finnish and Swedish, however it is usually possible to get along with English. When making an appointment for health services, it is possible to request an interpreter if above mentioned languages are not an option.

After arranging an appointment with a doctor it is important to be there on time. If you have made an appointment but cannot keep it, it is very important to cancel it in good time, usually the previous day. If you do not arrive at the clinic and you have not cancelled your appointment, you will be charged a non-attendance fee.

Health centres are usually open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. To make an appointment, it is a good idea to call the health centre in the morning as soon as it opens. Appointments are given at short notice if there is a condition that requires urgent care. If there is no need for urgent treatment, it might take longer to get a doctor’s appointment. When booking an appointment, you will be told how soon you will receive treatment. The person making the appointment will also evaluate whether you need to see a doctor or a nurse. In Finland, nurses can treat a number of illnesses. If necessary, the nurse will refer you to a doctor. If you have a Kela card (Kela-kortti), take it along when you go to the health centre.

To be able to acquire the services of specialists, a general practitioner must be visited first. If necessary, a health center doctor will arrange a referral for a specialist.

In Finland, public healthcare service doctors do not make home visits, yet it is possible to arrange such services via private doctors.

In case of an illness that makes you unable to work, sickness allowance is an option. Eligibility circumstances vary depending on each case.

Private healthcare services are considerably expensive, yet in some cases, it is possible to get reimbursements from Kela.

If you have come to Finland to work, you may be entitled to use public health services in Finland. This depends on the duration and type of your contract of employment, as well as on the country from which you have come to Finland.

In Finland, employers have a duty to pay for preventive health care for their employees.

Entrepreneurs can organise occupational health care for themselves, if they wish. In other words, entrepreneurs are not under an obligation to arrange occupational health care for themselves. An entrepreneur is, however, required to organise occupational health care for any employees working for them.

Occupational health care can be arranged at a local health centre or, for example, a private clinic.

10 Ranked Healthcare Institutions in Finland

  1. Institute for Molecular Medicine
  2. Helsinki University Central Hospital
  3. Folkhalsan
  4. Tampere University Hospital
  5. Turku University Hospital
  6. Oulu University Hospital
  7. National Institute for Health and Welfare
  8. Kuopio University Hospital
  9. Turku PET Centre
  10. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health