Finland is one of the most attractive countries in Northern Europe for immigrants with its culture, quality of education and welfare and for many more reasons. 

The impact of international talents and foreign direct investments into the country has a significant impact on economic growth. Foreign inclusion into the market promotes competitiveness, encourages diversity, increases exports, innovation and adds know-how into it. 

In recent years, 4,400 foreign owned companies have reached EUR 98 billion turnover employing nearly 279,000 people. 

According to a survey conducted among companies, foreign owned businesses perceive the business environment in a positive way and they have been satisfied with the functioning of the society, stability and digital infrastructure. 

Some more statistics regarding immigrational developments in Finland according to Statistics Finland’s database are down below.

1. Finland’s migration gain from abroad grew for the second year in a row

Finland’s migration gain from abroad rose to 17,814 persons in 2020, from 15,495 persons in the previous year. The reason for the higher migration gain was especially a decrease in emigration. The number of emigrants from Finland was 15,084, which is over 2,000 fewer than in the previous year. A total of 32,898 persons moved from abroad to Finland, good 100 persons more than in the year before.

2. Every seventh person aged 30 to 34 is of foreign background

According to Statistics Finland’s statistics on population structure, every seventh person aged 30 to 34 living permanently in Finland at the end of 2020 was of foreign background. In Greater Helsinki, already every fourth person aged 30 to 34 was of foreign background.


8 reasons why the number of immigrants is increasing in Finland

  • Finland is one of the safest countries in the world.
  • The level of individual freedom is pretty high.
  • Transparency in official bureaus  and low corruption level makes people trust their government.
  • Education and social welfare level is higher than most of the countries in the world.
  • The culture welcomes international talents, and integration into the society is easy.
  • Innovative and different ideas are supported at the governmental level.
  • Purchasing power is high, therefore it is easier to have a good life standard. 
  • Employee rights are protected by wide cooperation of unions and government organs.


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