About Us

Our Company

We are the Metics. In Ancient Greek history, the name `metic` was given to foreigners who are coming from other countries. As a company, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a path to Finland for skilled foreigners and named our business Metic as part of ArcticStartup. 

Our Mision 

Our Mission is to go beyond consultation and lead the way for future metics. We have established an ecosystem of solutions to overcome all the challenges a metic can face along the way. 

Our ideas about immigration services are born within ArcticStartup and raised by our experience and knowledge. We have been the bridge between startups and investors for 14 years and we have been encouraging entrepreneurs and businesses that change the world and make it better for future generations. 

Our Vission

We grew to understand the significance in attracting international skills for a sustainable growth for all the players in the economy. Therefore, our vision is to become a key player for attracting international skills for a more competitive and innovative market development. 


Meet Our Dedicated Team

We have valuable, talented, and highly experienced team members. We all value knowledge, honesty, and trust. We share the same passion to provide professional support to individuals and companies for their long-term sustainability.

We have 404k+ immigrants like you