Destination Services

Moving to a new country is an exciting development, yet, it is also a difficult and stressful operation one can experience. So, why not make it smoother?

When all relocation matters are professionally handled, you will have all of your time to yourself to enjoy your new life.

In landing package we offer :

  • International moving services,
  • Temporary housing,
  • Registrations to local authorities,
  • Arrangement of language courses,
  • Arrangement of local phone number,
  • Personal bank account opening,
  • Listing of potential schools and day cares,
  • Exchange of driver’s license,
  • Arrangement of public transport card,
  • Arrangement of home and travel insurances,
  • Arrangement of tax card and tax number.

You can opt-in and out the services as you wish to acquire based on your needs. Please contact us for further information and to get a quota.