- Climate

The Finnish climate is colder than in many other countries. However, the temperature varies significantly in different seasons. Finland has a lot of nature, and it is possible to enjoy and explore nature in all seasons.

In Winter, the temperature is often below zero degrees and it can fall down to -20 in the southern part of the country and down to -30 degrees in the northern part. It usually snows and the ground can be frozen and slippery. Dressing properly with several layers is important to stay warm. During winter it is often dark because the sun rises late in the morning and sets early in the afternoon. In the northernmost part of Finland, the sun does not rise at all for several weeks.

How to make the most of the winter months?

  • Coffee chases the winter chill away.
  • Sauna and a dip in icy water makes you feel more alive and refreshed.
  • Triple-glazed windows keep the cold out and the inside remains warm and cozy.
  • Engine-block heaters help the cars start smoothly and make the inside warm before you start driving.
  • Snow shoveling can be a fun sport on a white and bright day.
  • Snow sports, skiing and snowboarding, and sledding are good activities to do together with the family.
  • Proper clothing helps a lot to enjoy the chill weather. As they say, there is no cold weather but improper clothing.
  • Indoor activities are done best in winter. There are many clubs to join and enjoy the time.

In Spring, the snow melts, nature comes to the surface again and turns green as plants and trees start growing leaves. The spring weather is often cool but warmer than winter time.

Summer time is between June and August. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 20 degrees. Evenings and nights are bringt in FInland during summer since the sun sets late and rises early. The month with the most daylight is June and the night of the midnight sun is celebrated in June as Midsummer. If you find it difficult to sleep in a bright room, blackout curtains are much recommended.

In Autumn, the weather is often cool, rainy and windy. The sun starts setting earlier and it gets darker.Yet, autumn is so colorful and beautiful as leaves turn yellow, orange and red.