Our Residency Services for Students

We provide residence services to our clients and assist them before, during and after their residence permit applications.

  • We provide support for the entire residence permit application processes.
  • We inform you about the required document and help you prepare legal and administrative papers and forms related to your application.
  • We check your documents and see if there is any wrong or missing paper.
  • We help you submit your application and wait for the decision to be made by the authorities.

Residence Permit for Studying in Finland

You will need a residence permit for studies.  The residence permit is only valid for the duration of your studies.

You must have sufficient means for living in Finland during the entire period of validity of your residence permit to be able to pay for your accommodation, food and other needs.

Finnish institutions of higher education charge tuition fees from students who arrive from outside the EU and the EEA. In your application, you must give evidence that you have the necessary funds to pay your tuition fees.

The residence permit for studies enables you to work without restrictions if your work is related to your degree. This means practical training and thesis work. You also have a right to have other jobs but the following restrictions apply:

You may only work for an average of 25 hours per week during the academic terms.

The number of working hours is not restricted on a weekly level. This means that you can adjust your weekly working hours during the academic term, as long as you work for 25 hours a week on average.

As a student, you must personally cover the costs if you become ill in Finland. In order to get a residence permit, you must take out private insurance that will cover your medical and pharmaceutical expenses.

  • A world class education system
  • High level of equality and freedom
  • High standards of living
  • Wonderful places to visit
  • Excellent job prospects

What You Need to Know about Student Life

Finnish Way of Studying
  • Studying is highly independent.
  • Attendance is flexible.
  •  Multi-method learning techniques are used.
  • Success is measured based on individual know-how.
Finnish Way of Life
  • Life-long learning is encouraged.
  • Studies are not at the center of life, but balanced with hobbies.
  • Personal space is significant to everyone.

Residence Permit for Students

Application Process

  • 1.Step

    Admission from an institution

  • 2.Step

    Submission of the Application

  • 3.Step

    Proof of Identity at the Embassy

  • 4.Step

    Decision in 1- 3 months

  • 5.Step

    Issue of Residency Card