Our Residency Services for an Entrepreneur

We residency services to our clients and assist them before, during and after application processes.

  • We provide information for the entire residence permit application processes.
  • We inform you about the required document and help you prepare all the legal and administrative papers and forms related to your future business.
  • We assist you for the submission of your papers and wait for the decision to be made by the authorities.

    *We do not decide on residence permit applications.

Residence Permit for an Entrepreneur

Apply as an entrepreneur for a residence permit if you intend to come to Finland to become an entrepreneur. Before a permit can be issued, entrepreneurs usually need to enter their business in the Trade Register maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

You cannot get a residence permit only because you own a company. You must also work in the company in Finland. The application will be processed in two stages. First, a Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) will make a partial decision. After this, the Finnish Immigration Service will process the application.

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You are an entrepreneur if you are;
  • a private entrepreneur who has an individually-owned business,
  • a partner in a general partnership,
  • a general partner in an limited partnership.
  • a shareholder in a managerial position in a limited-liability company.

When you have been issued with a residence permit for an entrepreneur, you may also work as an employee for another employer. However, you must earn your living primarily from your business, as a residence permit for an entrepreneur is issued for engaging in business activities.

If you have been granted a residence permit on some other grounds than entrepreneurship, you can still start a business in Finland.

What are the Advantages of being an Entrepreneur in Finland?

English is Commonly Spoken

While speaking Finnish is always an advantage, as a foreigner you can handle your daily matters in English easily. Therefore, you can start conducting your business while learning the language at the same time.

Many Funding Options

It is possible to fund your business trough both public and private institutions as long as you have all your business idea is good and your documents are in order.

Stable Economy

Finnish economy shows stable growth despite the changing circumstances which make it easier for businesses to foresee and plan their developments and investment opportunities.

Quality Lifestyle

Due to the fact that economy is stable, purchasing power of the population is at good levels. Therefore it is possible to have a good quality lifestyle even if you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurship journey with generating low cash flow.