November 9, 2021

Residence Permits on the basis of Employment will be Granted in a Month!

The Finnish Authorities have announced that in 2021, obtaining work-based residence permits has been faster compared to the previous years and the processing time has been shorthand 60 days on average. 

The authorities aim to conclude the evaluation processes within a month by 2023. Their key method of speeding up the processing planned to be the automation of certain practices.

Specialists are issued with a Finnish residence permit in a couple of weeks

The Authorities also informed that specialists such as IT experts and other employees with higher education degrees were granted residence permits faster than ever with an average of 16 days processing time. 

Deputy Director-General of Finnish Immigration Services Elina Immonen said that “The premise is that Finland will need the immigration of labor force in the coming years. We need to make sure that moving to Finland is as effortless as possible.“


Start-up residence permits were issued already in less than a month 

Residence permit processing time for start-up entrepreneurs has been 24 days on average during this year.